Smokehouse BBQ Wood Pellets


Add more flavor to your food with these Smokehouse BBQ Wood Pellets. They are made from a special blend of Texas mesquite wood and Pacific northwest alder. These cherry wood pellets add a hearty, smoky flavor to everything you cook. They are ideal for beef cuts, especially steaks and also poultry. Use them with charcoal, electric, propane or natural gas BBQs and grills. This dried wood is 100-percent natural with no added flavorings, and all the bitter tree bark removed.


<b>Smokehouse BBQ Wood Pellets:</b><ul><li>5-lb bag</li><li>Thoroughly dried, 100 percent natural, no added flavorings</li><li>Wood pellets for grilling with bitter tree bark removed</li><li>The Westerner’s delight</li><li>Imparts a clean, smoky flavor to poultry and red meats</li><li>Ideal for beef cuts, especially steaks</li><li>Can be used for charcoal, electric, propane or natural gas BBQs and grills.</li></ul>


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