Augason Farms Emergency Food Hard White Wheat, 26 lb


<p>Stock up for the long term with Augason Farms Hard White Wheat. Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage products are made to last in long-term storage. This hard white wheat is just what your storage pantry needs for baking and making breads and other wheat products. These 26 lb long term food storage buckets are square, so they store easily and conveniently. This wheat also makes a convenient addition to a camping trip. It packs up and travels well and is easily kept in the camper for additional trips. There is no refrigeration needed, so keeping it fresh is easy no matter how you are using it. The affordable price makes it possible to have one of the long-term storage buckets in your storage pantry and an extra one to take on camping trips. Augason Farms Hard White Wheat is simple to prepare and makes a delicious addition to any meal at home or on the go.</p>

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<b>Augason Farms Hard White Wheat:</b><ul><li>Packaged for long term storage</li><li>No refrigeration needed</li><li>For emergency food storage, camping or everyday use</li><li>Easy to prepare</li><li>Affordable</li></ul>


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