HeatMax HotHands Hand Warmers, 40 pairs


Keep working longer with a 40-pair box of HeatMax HotHands Hand Warmers. They’re also ideal for a game of cold-weather football, whether you’re playing or watching. Countless outdoor lovers and workers have trusted HeatMax hand warmers for over 20 years, and so can you. These ready-to-use gloves feature a safe and natural heat source that’s air activated, making the gloves very thin and lightweight. The warm feeling is concentrated, but there are almost no hot and cold spots. Each pair of grabber hand warmers provides up to 10 hours of continuous warmth, so there’s almost no need to hide your hands in a coat or scarf. They’re warm enough to provide comfort in almost any temperature, yet not uncomfortably hot, especially around children. Other related products, like toe warmers and heavy-duty heating gloves, are available separately. HeatMax HotHands Hand Warmers are made with pride in the USA.


<b>HeatMax HotHands Hand Warmers, 40 pairs:</b> <ul><li>Hand warmers give off up to 10 hours of heat</li><li>HeatMax hand warmers come in individual ready-to-use packages</li><li>Grabber hand warmers use a safe and natural heat source</li><li>HeatMax hand warmers are Air-Activated</li><li>One pair per package</li><li>Product packaging may vary</li></ul>


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