Zippo A-Frame Chrome Hand Warmer Clamshell – Black


Enjoy the great outdoors even when it’s cold outside with the Black Hand Warmer. This rugged metal device is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need to maintain dexterity in their fingers. It’s a helpful accessory for hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, football and more. This Zippo hand warmer has a high-polish finish and a sleek, thin design that easily fits into pockets. It’s virtually odorless, which is especially important for hunters. The item can provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. It’s also refillable with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid for long-lasting use. Keep the cold away with this efficient pocket hand warmer.


<b>Black Hand Warmer:</b><ul><li>Zippo hand warmer offers up to 12 hours of warmth with 1 filling</li><li>Low odor, making it ideal for hunters</li><li>Used for hunting, snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing and football</li><li>Includes hand-warmer, warmer bag and filling cup (lighter fluid not included)</li><li>Compact, thin shape is easy to fit in pockets and backpacks</li><li>Rugged, metal pocket hand warmer</li><li>Attractive, sleek finish</li><li>Refillable with Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid</li></ul>


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