Augason Farms Emergency Food Quick Rolled Oats, 10 lb


<p>Augason Farms Quick Rolled Oats, 10 lb, are an easy-to-cook natural cereal that offers up to 100 servings per container. This Augason Farms emergency food is a hearty breakfast staple. The versatile Augason Farms food-storage rolled oats can be stored for long-term use and is also well-suited for everyday use. Augason Farms has been providing quality food storage solutions for storage, as well as emergency preparedness, for over 40 years. These oats do not need to be refrigerated and are packaged for storage. This makes the Augason Farms Quick Rolled Oats ideal for long-distance travels and camping. These oats can be eaten for breakfast or added to a variety of recipes.</p>

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<b>Augason Farms Quick Rolled Oats:</b><br><ul><li>Packaged for long-term storage</li><li>No refrigeration needed</li><li>100 servings per container</li><li>For emergency food storage, camping or everyday use</li><li>Healthy and tasty foods</li><li>A hardy staple breakfast for generations</li><li>Easy to cook oat meals</li><li>Available in offline stores</li><li>An all time favorite for many individuals</li></ul>


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