Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Field Saw 7.0


The Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Saw is a reliable piece of survival gear. This rugged tool makes short order of branches, small logs and brush with its 3mm stainless steel blade. The comfortable non-slip handle helps to cut deep and true on every pull stroke. This efficient survival tool adds versatility to your kit for outdoor adventures. It weighs less than 1 lb and is small enough to fit seamlessly inside a pocket or backpack. Despite its convenient small size, it is sufficiently large to be efficient for a variety of cutting jobs. The survival saw offers a blade that folds for careful storage and a lock when the handle is extended for safety. The vibrant orange and gray colors of the handle mean you can easily locate it among other tools. Included on the saw handle is a lanyard hole for increased portability. The Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Saw a practical purchase for outdoors enthusiasts and landscapers.


<p><b>Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Field Saw 7.0:</b><br></p><ul><li>Blade made from 3mm thick 440 stainless steel with a black oxide finish</li><li>Bead-blasted texture on a high-density TPR</li><li>7" saw blade folds closed into the handle</li><li>Great tool for camping to cut branches for the fire or clear low branches from the camp site</li><li>Nylon carrying sheath included to keep the blade clean and protected when in storage</li><li>Weighs less than 1 lb</li><li>Fully extended length reaches 15.3"</li><li>Survival saw comes with limited lifetime warranty</li><li>Model# 20-51147-101</li><li>Comfortably sized to fit in your pocket</li></ul>


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