Ultimate Survival Technologies 30′ Paracord 550, Orange


Add this Ultimate Survival Technologies Nylon Paracord 550 to your accessory collection for your next outdoor adventure. It is constructed from 100 percent nylon material that can be unraveled to be used as fishing line or sewing thread in an emergency. This orange paracord includes a carabiner clip that easily clips to the user’s belt loop or backpack.


<br><b>Ultimate Survival Technologies 30′ Paracord 550, Orange:</b><ul><li>100 percent nylon, 350 lbs test utility cord</li><li>Tease out core threads for fishing lines, sewing threads and more</li><li>Convenient carabiner included</li><li>Suitable for an array of outdoor adventures</li><li>This survival paracord includes a built in carabiner clip which easily attaches to backpacks, belt loops and more</li></ul>


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