STERNO GROUP, THE 3-Pack 2.6-oz. Cooking Fuel


Whether you’re out in the woods or just out in the backyard, turn to a 2.6 oz Entertainment Sterno Cooking Fuel Can. It’s ideal for both cooking meals and keeping food hot, by providing odorless and smokeless intense heat. Each Sterno fuel can in the 3-pack burns for up to 45 minutes, giving you plenty of party time or the capability of cooking multiple dishes with just on can. It ignites instantly and burns steadily with almost no temperature degradation. The camp stove fuel will not spill if it’s accidentally tipped over, so it’s safe to use even in drought-stricken dry areas, and it’s also made with smart technology that alerts you when it is too hot to handle. The eco-friendly Sterno Cooking Fuel cans contain a biodegradable liquid, and the cans are made from completely recycled metals.


<br><b>Sterno 2.6 oz Entertainment Cooking Fuel Cans, 3-Pack:</b><ul><li>Ideal for heating up fondue pots, beverage urns and portable stoves</li><li>Clean and intense burning solution is odorless and smokeless</li><li>Each Sterno fuel can in this 3-pack burns for up to 45 minutes</li><li>Generates maximum heat to keep your food in temperature safe zones</li><li>Can design will not spill if accidentally tipped over</li><li>Cans ignite immediately and consistently deliver the promised burn time</li><li>Know when the can is too hot to handle with Smart Can technology</li><li>Sterno Cooking Fuel Cans are made of a biodegradable liquid</li><li>Steel cans are recyclable and made of completely recycled metal to help the environment</li></ul>


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