Stansport Lensatic Compass – Plastic 550-P


<p>The Stansport 550-P Lensatic Compass is used to measure the magnetic direction of sighted objects relative to the user. It comes in a high-impact black plastic case that keeps it dry. IT also provides durable protection against drops and dings. This handheld compass features hairline guide wire in its lid for accurate aiming on land or sea. It includes big shining direction digits and a needle for precise bearing. The Handheld Compass, Black Case, can help you get your bearings and navigate where you need to go.</p>


<strong>Stansport 550-P Lensatic Compass:</strong><ul><li>High-impact black plastic case</li><li>Hairline guide wire in lid for precision aiming on land or sea</li><li>Large luminous direction digits and needle for exact bearing</li><li>Model: 550-P</li></ul>


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