Sheffield 3-Piece Utility Knife Set, Elliptical, Carded


Get precise cuts with the Sheffield Utility Knife 3-Piece Set. It comes with three blades, so you and two other members of your crew can start using them right away. The knife handles are made from anodized aluminum, which is immune to rust, lightweight for easy carrying and incredibly strong to resist impact and drops. This carded Sheffield knife set features three tools that fold into a compact elliptical shape. Each one has a quick-change feature that makes replacing the blade simple and convenient. This knife set makes an invaluable addition to a crafting kit.


<br><b>Sheffield 3-Piece Utility Knife Set, Elliptical, Carded:</b><ul><li>3-piece knife set has a quick-change mechanism</li><li>Lightweight anodized aluminum handle</li><li>Sheffield tools come with a belt clip included</li><li>Easy 1-hand opening</li><li>Includes 3 blades</li><li>Resists impact and drops</li></ul>


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