NAP Shockwave Crossbow Broadhead, 3pk


The NAP Shockwave Crossbow Broadhead provides excellent penetration power for any hunting enthusiast. They provide quality, sharpness and durability at an economical price. This three pack NAP broadhead set is guaranteed to fly like a field point and they are made of aluminum and steel. This product is available in a variety of different sizes that are each sold separately.


<br><b>NAP Shockwave 125 Grains Crossbow Broadhead, 3pk:</b><ul><li>Quality, sharpness and durability of an N.A.P. mechanical broadhead at an economical price</li><li>Guaranteed to fly like a field point</li><li>Available in a variety of sizes, each sold separately</li><li>Material: aluminum and steel</li><li>Available in 100 and 125 grain sizes</li></ul>


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