Mossy Oak Spandex Headnet


The Mossy Oak Camo Spandex Headnet is both flexible and comfortable. The spandex is lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent choice for covering your face while you’re out hunting. Mossy Oak camouflage clothing can be worn to protect the skin from the cold, while also offering camouflage cover for the face. Since the hunting head net is thin, it can be placed under a cap. It folds up tightly so that is can be easily stored in small areas while hunting. The Mossy Oak Camo Spandex Headnet is made in the traditional camouflage pattern for concealment.


<b>Mossy Oak Spandex Headnet:</b><ul><li>Maximum camouflage concealment</li><li>Flexible cap spandex provides comfortable, contoured fit</li><li>Lightweight and breathable</li><li>Can be worn under cap</li><li>Folds up tightly for easy storage</li><li>In Mossy Oak Break-Up pattern</li></ul>


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