Lodge Logic 5-Quart Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven


The Lodge Logic Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven is an extremely versatile, multi-functional pot that sports a deeper design for more cooking capacity. This ruggedly built, durable "camp stove" is the one pot that does it all. The snug fitting lid on this 5-quart Dutch oven is flanged to contain hot coals on top so it can be used for baking, stewing and roasting. The lid can also be inverted and used as a griddle. This Lodge Logic Dutch oven is designed with three integral legs that allow the oven to be perfectly spaced over hot coals directly on the hearth or over a campfire. The heavy gauge wire bale handle can be used to conveniently hang the oven over the campfire. We have even included a camp oven cookbook to ensure your meal is a success! Make sure to have this handy-dandy little jewel with you on your next camping excursion. Your camp meals will be transformed into wonderful memories in no time at all with the Lodge Logic Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven.


<br><b>Lodge Logic 5-Quart Cast Iron Deep Camp Dutch Oven:</b><ul><li>Measures 10" diameter and 5" deep</li><li>Seasoned and ready to use</li><li>Snug-fitting, versatile cover</li><li>Lodge Logic Dutch oven with 3 integral legs</li><li>Heavy gauge wire handle for use with tripod</li><li>Seasoned cast iron is the original non-stick surface</li><li>Cast iron is best for even heating and heat retention</li><li>Cast iron is an excellent source of nutritional iron</li><li>Natural healthy cooking</li><li>Cast iron is economical and durable</li><li>5-quart Dutch oven makes a wonderful gift</li><li>Lodge Logic Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven model# L10DC03</li><li>To clean and maintain seasoning:<ul><li>Hand wash (add a little soap if you prefer)</li><li>Dry</li><li>Rub with cooking oil</li></ul></li></ul>


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