Cyclone Hydro Reservoir


The Cyclone Hydration Reservoir features a screw-in bite valve and a quick-connecting hose for easy cleaning. The BPA-free hydration reservoir also features a built-basin that collects any remaining drops of your water, as well as a last-drop integral molded bottom attachment, so you can get every last drop of water that you put into the hydration reservoir. This hydration pack reservoir is also equipped with a quick-connect hose release. This means that you can easily remove the hose to clean the hydration reservoir thoroughly. The reservoir bite valve is uniquely molded and made with flexible Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). The flexible reservoir bite allows for easier sipping than the typical hydration reservoir. The water bottle hydration reservoir also features a cap handle that makes filling the reservoir easy. Its low profile makes the hydration reservoir easy to pack into bags or backpacks.


<p><b>Cyclone Hydro Reservoir:</b></p><ul><li>Last Drop integral molded bottom attachment has been added to ensure that you can get out all the precious fluid you put in</li><li>Built-in basin at the bottom collects the remaining drops of your beverage</li><li>Quick connect hose</li><li>Equipped with a quick connect hose release which allows you to easily remove the hose for a thorough cleaning</li><li>Reservoir bite valve is uniquely molded for exceptional performance</li><li>Flexible TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) provides a comfortable bite that makes large sips easy</li><li>Internal reinforcing ribs insure its durability and bite longevity</li><li>Reservoir bite valve can be easily removed for cleaning with our secure screw-on attachment</li><li>Low profile cap packs easily into bags</li><li>Odorless and taste-free hose</li><li>Cap handle makes filling easy</li><li>Odorless and taste-free reservoir</li><li>Made from 100 percent BPA-free materials</li></ul>


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