Coleman Trekking Survival Poles (Pair) Tan/Black 2000016536


Walk in comfort on your next hike with a pair of Coleman Trekking Poles. Use them when you need them and slip them in your backpack when you don’t. The easy-carry/easy-store aluminum design easily extends from 26.5 inches to 54.5 inches (67.31 cm x 138.43 cm) and the contoured cork handle with adjustable nylon strap makes it the perfect walking companion.


<br><b>Coleman Trekking Survival Poles Pair:</b><ul><li>2 Trekking Poles</li><li>Easy-carry/easy-store aluminum design</li><li>Easily extends from 26.5" to 54.5"</li><li>Contoured cork handle</li><li>Adjustable nylon strap</li></ul>


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