Coleman PerfectFlow 10,000 BTU 2 Burner Grill Camp Stove


Enjoy grilled meals wherever you want with this portable Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove. Made for outdoor use, this stove is ideal for camping or fishing trips with friends and family. The 10,000-BTU Coleman grill stove can do several functions at the same time. You can make coffee, bake beans and vegetables, as well as cook pasta, steak and burger using this pressure control grill stove. You can also cook eggs and pancakes using the girdle. The two high-performance burners allow you to cook multiple meals at once. The grill grate is made of die-cast aluminum while the stove grate is made of nickel-chrome for optimal durability against different weather conditions. The grease-management system comes with a removable dishwasher-safe tray for easy cleanup. A must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, the Coleman camping grill stove comes with a wind shielding system that ensures maximum heat for fast cooking.


<b>Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove, 10,000-BTU:</b><br><ul><li>Coleman PerfectFlow Grill Stove has 2 10,000-BTU burners</li><li>Pressure-control system</li><li>Wind shielding system for maximum heat</li><li>Removable die-cast aluminum grill grate and nickel-chrome stove grate</li><li>Grease-management system with removable dishwasher-safe tray</li><li>Perform different cooking functions: make coffee, bake beans, cook eggs and even prepare pasta</li><li>Practical to bring along during camping or fishing trips</li><li>Camping grill stove can withstand different weather conditions</li><li>Dimensions in inches: 21.0 x 13.5 x 5.6</li><li>Model number: 2000004118</li></ul>


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