Coleman Company Lensatic Compass, Black Multi-Colored


The convenient, quick and durable Coleman Lensatic Compass gives you the ability to enjoy more activities safely. You can use the flip-up lens to line up the arrows in the direction you need to head. The liquid-filled compass provides quicker accuracy and all four directional reference points, N, E, S and W, are clearly marked in a bright, green color that is easy to read. A hang tab makes it easy for you to clip it to a belt loop, backpack or key chain. The snap lid protects the face from scratches when the camping compass is packed away. The compact design makes the item easy to store. This item makes a great gift for a hiker or traveler. It will last for years.


<br> <b>Coleman Lensatic Compass:</b><ul><li>Durable</li><li>Flip-up lens</li><li>Liquid-filled compass provides dependable directions</li><li>Quicker accuracy</li><li>Shows all 4 directional reference points, N, E, S and W</li><li>Snap lid protects the face against scratches</li><li>Hang tab allows you to clip it to a belt loop and more</li><li>Easy-to-read letters</li><li>Convenient viewing port on lid</li></ul>


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