Coleman 2000001833 Max Micro Backpacking One Burner Propane Stove


<p>Cook your favorite dishes in the great outdoors with the Coleman Peak1 Micro Butane Stove. This compact and convenient cooking essential helps bring the comfort foods of home to camping trips without needlessly weighing down your gear. It runs on butane/propane cartridges that are widely available. This butane camping stove provides high heat output and requires no priming for quick operation. You can easily tune the heat flow from simmer to high with adjustable heat settings. Its multiple heat levels can help you cook a variety of meals, as well as sauces. The Coleman butane stove features a built-in serrated pan that supports cookware and prevents it from slipping. This support apparatus can be folded down to reduce the device’s overall size and make it easier to pack.</p>


<strong>Coleman Peak1 Micro Butane Stove:</strong><ul><li>Coleman butane stove with adjustable heat settings, from simmer to high</li><li>Serrated pan supports fold away for compact storage</li><li>Ideal for camping and other outdoor events</li><li>Operates using a common style of butane/propane cartridge</li><li>Highly portable design</li><li>Butane camping stove requires no priming</li><li>Foldable serrated pan helps keep pots and pans in place</li></ul>


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