Brotherhood Package Realtree Xtra


The high-power Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is ideal for hunting and recreational target practice. It shoots at a distance of 350′ per second and features a draw weight of 160 lbs. A pass-through foregrip provides hand support, while finger reminders help keep you alert about safe use. This 350-FPS crossbow is made with lightweight composite stock with a high-definition camo finish. It includes three 20" Headhunter arrows and a quiver to store them in.


<br><b>Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow:</b><ul><li>Crossbow for hunting and target shooting</li><li>Shoots 350 FPS</li><li>160 lb draw weight</li><li>Magnesium STR riser</li><li>Finger reminders and pass-through foregrip</li><li>CNC machined 7/8" picatinny rail</li><li>Lightweight composite stock</li><li>Crosswire string and cable system</li><li>High-definition camo finish</li><li>4 x 32 multi-reticle scope</li><li>3-arrow quiver</li><li>Three 20" Headhunter arrows</li></ul>


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