Barnett Tomcat in Pink


The beauty of this Right-Handed Barnett Tomcat Pink Archery Set is matched by its excellent performance. A fierce black and pink exterior boasts durable compound limbs and a 3-pin fiber-optic "Brightglo" sight. Soft-touch finger rollers allow hours of comfortable bow grip. Use the package housing this beginner’s archery set as a carrying case. The bow comes with two arrows.


<b>Barnett Tomcat Archery Set, Right-Handed, Pink:</b><ul><li>Right-handed bow</li><li>3-pin fiber-optic "Brightglo" sight</li><li>Soft-touch finger rollers</li><li>2 arrows with Tomcat junior archery set</li><li>Package serves as a carrying case</li><li>Constructed to ATA/AMO standards</li></ul>


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