Whetstone Ridge Runner Fixed Blade Survival Knife


Conquer the wilderness with the Whetstone Ridge Runner fixed-blade survival knife. The stainless-steel blade with matte-black finish offers plenty of strength to cut through wood when you want to make a fire and the partial-saw back blade gives you a serrated edge to work through tough materials. The contoured plastic handle on this Whetstone survival knife offers a superior grip. The included carrying sheath has a button closure for safekeeping and a belt loop for convenient carrying. The blade length measures 7.5" and the handle length 5.25". This fixed-blade knife has a partial tang so you can use the handle with different types of blades and quickly change the blade as necessary.


<b>Whetstone Ridge Runner Fixed Blade Survival Knife:</b><ul><li>Stainless steel with matte-black finish</li><li>Partial-saw back blade</li><li>Contoured plastic handle</li><li>Carrying sheath with button closure and belt loop</li><li>Blade length: 7.5"</li><li>Handle length: 5.25"</li><li>Overall dimensions: 13.5 x .75 x 2.375"</li><li>Partial tang for quick changing of blade and use of handle with different types of blades</li><li>Fixed-blade knife</li></ul>


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