Whetstone Midnight Ninja Machete with Nylon Carrying Case


This Whetstone Midnight Ninja Machete is an impressive tool that a fan of the ancient way should have in his collection. This machete is made with a premium stainless steel and nylon construction and it comes with a carrying case for protection during transport. The Whetstone Machete’s has an attractive decorative hand guard and a durable grip that makes it an effective weapon and beautiful show piece. The sharp stainless steel blade is carved with Asian characters, enhancing its appeal and lending it more authenticity. This is a sword that will be admired by ninja survival enthusiasts, collectors of period weaponry and others who appreciate artistic but functional design.

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<b>Whetstone Midnight Ninja Machete with Nylon Carrying Case:</b><br><ul><li>Stainless steel and nylon construction</li><li>Full-tang machete blade</li><li>Blade is emblazoned with Asian characters</li><li>Sword dimensions: 27.25" x 3" x 3"</li><li>Blade length: 17.5"</li><li>Handle length: 8.125"</li><li>Durable nylon grip</li><li>Decorative hand guard</li><li>Comes with a nylon carrying case</li><li>Overall dimensions: 28" x 3" x 3"</li><li>For both decorative and practical security uses</li><li>For collectors, ninja survival enthusiasts and others</li></ul>


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