Whetstone Jungle King 14″ Hunting Knife with Nylon Sheath


This Whetstone 14" Hunting Knife with Sheath has a drop point blade that features a serrated top edge and is made of thick stainless steel. The Whetstone knife also has a textured and ribbed solid metal handle and guard and an injection-molded sheath with jungle military green cord wraps and lanyard. This Jungle King Knife also includes a can opener, a slingshot, matches, a compass and more.


<p><b>Whetstone Jungle King 14" Hunting Knife with Nylon Sheath:</b></p><ul><li>Multi-function skinning knife</li><li>Can opener</li><li>Slingshot</li><li>Matches</li><li>Compass</li><li>Sewing kit</li><li>Fishing kit</li><li>Band aids</li><li>Tweezers</li><li>Signaling mirror and more</li></ul>


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