Whetstone Anchored Eagle Survival Knife with Sheath


Be prepared for your next hunting or camping trip with the Whetstone Anchored Eagle Survival Knife with Sheath. This survival knife features a 5 1/2" long blade made with durable 440 stainless steel. Made for tough work, the knife blade is extra thick and features a sawback edge. The 10" long knife also features a handle with Suregrip; the blade includes finger protectors, and the knife comes with a waterproof survival kit. The kit includes a variety of tools that will be useful in the outdoors. For navigation, you have a compass. For fire, you have matches and a strike. For any additional cutting, there is a razor blade and also a fishing kit. If you need to pull a hook out or sew anything back up, there is also a pair of tweezers and a needle with thread. The sheath of the 440 stainless steel knife is a massive impact-resistant double pouch that you can attach to your belt with the belt loop. It also has leg straps and contains another survival knife.


<br><b>Whetstone Anchored Eagle Survival Knife with Sheath:</b><ul><li>Overall length: 10"</li><li>440 stainless steel</li><li>Blade length: 5 1/2" with sawback and super thick blade for tough work</li><li>Handle: Suregrip with finger protectors and waterproof survival kit</li><li>Survival kit: Compass, matches, strike, tweezers, pencil, fishing kit, needle thread, and razor blade</li><li>Sheath: Massive impact resistant double pouch with belt loop and lag straps. nylon cord wrapped on sheath for camping ect. plus fire lighting tablets. Also it contains survival knife two!!</li><li>Knife 2: Full tang hunting knife with bottle opener and cord cutter, flint and signal mirror and Slingshot</li><li>Contains key of Emergency body signals</li></ul>


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