Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow, Black Multi-Colored


The Velocity Badger Recurve Pistol Crossbow is specially designed for the hunter. This sleek and lightweight crossbow was made for quick and steady aiming, thanks to its open sights and comfortable-to-hold stock. Even in its small package, the Velocity Crossbow has a 6.8" power stroke to deliver velocity and ensure the crossbow bolts fly true to their destination.


<br><b>Velocity Badger Recurve Pistol Crossbow:</b><ul><li>Sleek and lightweight</li><li>Ergonomic stock for steady aiming</li><li>Open sight for fast target acquisition</li><li>Self-cocking</li><li>6.8" power stroke</li><li>Bolts sold separately</li><li>Material content: fiberglass</li></ul>


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