Ultimate Survival Technologies Light Stick, 2-Pack


The Find-Me Light Stick with its integrated hook and lanyard hole attaches easily to tents, boats: anywhere you need hours of soft glowing light. It can also be used as a signal device by threading a string or lanyard through the hole and twirling the light stick in a large circle around you.

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<br><b>Ultimate Survival Technologies Light Stick, 2-Pack:</b><ul><li>6″ light stick provides hours of soft glowing light</li><li>Weather-proof</li><li>Attaches easily to tents, boats anywhere you need soft, glowing light</li><li>Integrated hook and lanyard hole</li><li>Contents are non-flammable</li><li>2-pack contains 1 green and 1 white 6″ light stick</li><li>2-year warranty</li><li>Model# 20-310-110</li></ul>


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