Ultimate Survival Technologies GLO Tape, 8-Pack


The Ultimate Survival Technologies GLO Tape is a glow-in-the-dark tape with a self-adhesive backing. It glows for up to 10 hours after exposure to artificial or natural light, and it is immediately visible in sudden darkness. Available as an 8-pack, this glow-in-the-dark tape is a good choice for campers, but can also be used at home. It can be safely placed on a variety of surfaces and can easily be cut into smaller pieces for wider use. Each roll of 15mm self-adhesive tape has removable backing, so it can be used or stored for later.


<b>Ultimate Survival Technologies GLO Tape, 8-Pack:</b><ul><li>Precut self-adhesive tape in convenient 2" x 4" pieces</li><li>15mm-thick flexible tape has removable backing – use now or store later</li><li>Conformable and easy to cut in smaller pieces</li><li>Glows up to 10 hours before a recharge is needed</li><li>No limit to the number of times it can be recharged</li><li>Ideal for outdoor adventures – place on equipment, gear or tents for ease of location in the dark</li><li>Ideal for emergency use</li></ul>


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