Ultimate Survival Technologies 8″ Bracelet, Black


The Ultimate Survival Technologies 8" Survival Bracelet is a heavy-duty black ring of paracord that can be worn around your wrist or clipped onto a backpack. It’s easy to unravel and comes in a convenient and compact size. This paracord survival bracelet is ideal for lashings, snares, shoelaces, first aid and more. You can simply tease out individual threads from the core to instantly have access to a durable cord. The Ultimate Survival Technologies 8" Bracelet in black has a sturdy buckle that’s easy to clip around your wrist.


<b>Ultimate Survival Technologies 8" Bracelet, Black:</b><ul><li>Easy to unravel and use</li><li>Durable secure buckle fastens easily around wrist</li><li>Fishing survival bracelet made from 8′ of heavy-duty paracord</li><li>Tease out the threads from the core for fishing lines, sewing threads and more</li><li>Fits most wrists</li><li>Models available with a button compass embedded in the paracord weave</li><li>2-year limited warranty</li></ul>


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