Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-In-1 Survival Tool


The Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-in-1 Survival Tool contains five essential survival tools including a compass, a whistle, a waterproof match box (matches not included), a fire starter flint and a signal mirror. It provides you with all of these tools neatly stored in a durable, hard plastic cylinder. The attached lanyard allows you to easily carry the outdoor tool so it’s always ready for use. Its compact size makes it convenient to pack and store.


<br><b>Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-in-1 Survival Tool:</b><ul><li>Camping tool contains five tools including a compass, whistle, waterproof match box, fire starter flint and signal mirror</li><li>Matches are not included</li><li>Two-year warranty</li><li>Model# 20-310-5-1</li></ul>


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