Terrain Sports Sled


The KL Industries Sport Sled is a heavy-duty vehicle that can assist you with work or play. It is ideal for hauling hunting gear, fishing gear and other outdoor supplies. This KL Industries sled can also be used on hills for fun joy rides. Easy to pull by hand, the sled’s ribbed bottom helps with navigating across snow and ice. It also comes with a heavy-duty towrope that comes in handy when it is being towed by snowmobiles, ATVs and other vehicles. Another welcomed feature of this heavy-duty sled is its storage capacity. With almost 120 sq ft of surface area, this sled can hold a variety of items, including a 5-gallon bucket.


For durability, the vehicle is made from high-impact polyethylene material that can stand up to the test of time. Even better, the KL Industries Sport Sled’s innovative shape allows for an easy conversion into an ice fishing shelter to shield you from the brutal cold, making it an invaluable outdoor accessory.<br><b>KL Industries Sport Sled</b>:<br><ul><li>Polyethylene construction</li><li>Heavy-duty tow rope</li><li>Large capacity KL Industries sled</li><li>Can be pulled by hand, snowmobile or ATV</li><li>Able to convert into ice fishing shelter</li><li>Holds 5-gallon bucket</li><li>Black heavy-duty sled</li><li>2-year warranty</li><li>Dimensions: 54"L x 26"W x 9.5"H</li></ul>


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