Team Realtree Banshee Quad


Help your child learn to aim precisely with the Barnett Banshee Quad 25-lb Draw Compound Youth Archery Set. It features a well-designed, lightweight quad target bow with sight pins. The compound bow and arrow set has a strong, soft-touch handle that offers a firm grip. This set comes with two target arrows. The convenient finger tab in the bow help make it easy and comfortable for your child to learn and practice archery. It’s designed to reduce the force required to hold the string at full draw, giving you more time to aim with less muscular stress. This Barnett Banshee Quad 25-lb Draw Compound Youth Archery Set is durable for long-lasting use. Barnett crossbows are designed by hunters, for hunters.


<b>Barnett Banshee Kit Archery Compound Bow and Arrow Set:</b><ul><li>Quad target bow with sight pins</li><li>Finger tab</li><li>Barnett Archery set comes with 2 target arrows</li><li>Soft touch, ambidextrous grip</li><li>Draw weight: 25 lbs</li></ul>


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