Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife 7.5in Overall HK-7525


<p>The Stainless Steel Whetstone 7.375" Survivor Knife is indispensable for camping, trekking or touring. You will feel more confident and secure knowing you have a knife that can take care of even the toughest jobs. It features a sharp stainless steel blade that is 3.5" long and is designed with a resilient black-coated finish for optimum cutting performance. This survival knife has a full-tang handle with a braided rope wrap to ensure an excellent grip as well as a hanging tether for easy retention. The rugged carrying case has a belt loop so you can always have it ready to go. If you don’t want it always at your hip, it also easily fits in a backpack or bag. This stainless steel knife is a handy tool for a trip to the great outdoors and is favored by hunters and backpackers.</p>


Pick your poison! These survival knives are the epitome of ruggedness! It measures 7" inches overall a black 44 stainless steel full tang blade! The thick cord wrapped handle provides convenience to the most active of duties. It includes a nylon sheath.


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