Sterno Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fire Starter


Sterno Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fire Starter is a specially formulated gel fuel. It has a biodegradable formula that means that it is environmental friendly. You can use it indoors because it burns clean, safe and odorless. This is a terrific purchase for the camper, outdoorsman and survivalist. The Sterno Fire Starter is formulated to start all types of fires for outdoor cooking and heat, including charcoal grills, campfires and fire pits. This is a good addition to a survival kit. It will start fires faster than traditional lighters, even under wet conditions. The gel is nice for indoor fireplaces as well.


<b>Sterno Indoor/Outdoor Gel Fire Starter:</b><ul><li>Starts fires quickly, even under wet conditions</li><li>Biodegradable formula</li><li>Burns clean, safe and odorless</li><li>Instant flame gel is good for campfires, outdoor cooking, indoor fireplaces and more</li></ul>


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