STANSPORT 555-P Lensatic Liquid Compass


<p>While hiking or camping, you can find your way back with the Stansport 555-P Liquid Lensatic Map Compass. It features a long-lasting liquid-filled metal case to suit rugged use. The hairline guide-wire in the lid ensures precise position information both on land and sea. This liquid-filled Lensatic compass features floating luminous direction digits and needle to point to your exact direction. You can attach the StanSport metal Lensatic compass to your key chain, belt or backpack with the help of the top loop.</p>


<strong>Stansport 555-P Liquid Lensatic Map Compass:</strong><ul class="noindent"><li>Durable liquid-filled metal case</li><li>Floating luminous direction digits and needle for exact bearing</li><li>Hairline guide-wire in lid for precision aiming on land or sea</li><li>Model: 555-P</li></ul>


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