SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package


Get on target quickly with this powerful SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package. It includes a 175-pound model with a premium 4 x 32 multi-reticle scope for long distance shots. This SA Sports crossbow also comes with a quick detach quiver with four arrows. The large boot-style foot stirrup provides easy loading. The recurve crossbow features speeds up to 240 feet per second and a lightweight, compact rear stock that can be used by anyone. It also has assembly tools/hex keys. This SA Sports crossbow package is suitable for hunters. A full camouflage pattern helps it blend into the environment. The ambidextrous auto safety helps keep everyone protected from an accidental discharge. It can also be used for archers who want to increase their skills and accuracy, while practicing their aim. The high speeds that this unit provides will ensure that you will hit your mark with precision.


<br><b>SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package:</b><ul><li>175 lb recurve crossbow</li><li>Premium 4 x 32 multi-reticle scope</li><li>Quick detach quiver with four arrows</li><li>Padded shoulder sling</li><li>SA Sports crossbow comes with adjustable weaver-style scope mounts</li><li>Full coverage dipped camouflage pattern</li><li>Ambidextrous auto safety</li><li>Large boot-style foot stirrup</li><li>Recurve crossbow produces speeds up to 240′ per second</li><li>Lightweight/compact ambidextrous rear stock</li><li>Assembly tools/hex keys</li><li>Great for the outdoors</li><li>Material: fiberglass/aluminum</li></ul>


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