Ready America Grab N’ Go Deluxe Emergency Backpack Kit, 4 Person


<p>You can prepare for earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, fires, or any kind of natural disaster using the Grab ‘N Go 4 Person Emergency Kit. This Deluxe 3-Day Emergency Kit is skillfully assembled by Ready America. It can support a family of four for up to three days. The kit contains four ponchos, 2,400 calorie food bars, liter-sized bottles of water, survival blankets, 12-hour emergency light sticks, gloves and much more. All the essential things that you need to survive a disaster are packed in this compact emergency kit backpack that can be help protect your family. Get the Grab ‘N Go 4 Person Emergency Kit to help be prepared for any emergency that may crop up.</p>


<strong>Grab N Go Deluxe 4 Person Emergency Kit Backpack:</strong><ul><li>4 2,400 Calorie Food bars (5-year shelf life)</li><li>4 Liter Sized Waters (5-year shelf life)</li><li>4 Emergency ponchos</li><li>4 Survival blankets</li><li>1 First aid kit (107-piece)</li><li>4 12-hour emergency lightsticks</li><li>4 Pairs of nitrile gloves</li><li>4 dust masks</li><li>4 Packs of Pocket Tissues</li><li>1 Pair of leather work gloves</li><li>4 Pairs of Safety Goggles</li><li>1 emergency whistle</li><li>3 Bio hazard bags</li><li>12 Pre-Moistened Towelettes</li><li>1 Four Person Backpack</li></ul>


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