Ready America 2-Person Outdoor Essentials Kit 70205


You never know what unexpected emergency might arise when you are out hiking, biking or exploring the great outdoors. Take along this kit of carefully assembled wilderness survival supplies to ensure that you are prepared to survive if you find yourself stranded or injured in a remote location. Carry your kit in your car or RV, on your boat or keep it handy for hunting, hiking, biking or exploring. The large camouflage backpack contains the essential supplies you will need for two people to be safe.


<br><b>Ready America 2-Person Outdoor Essentials Kit:</b><ul><li>Emergency lightstick (12-hour)</li><li>First-Aid kit (33 piece)</li><li>2 emergency ponchos</li><li>2 survival blankets</li><li>LED Crank headlamp</li><li>Duct tape (10 yds)</li><li>Multi-Function pocket knife</li><li>Cord (25′)</li><li>Bio-Hazard bag</li><li>12 pre-moistened towelettes</li><li>2 pocket tissue packs</li><li>Box of waterproof matches</li><li>Fire Starter and Fuel</li><li>Carabineer clip</li><li>Stainless steel bottle</li><li>Medium camo backpack</li><li>Emergency contact card</li></ul>


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