Miracle Blade III 11-Piece Knife Set


<p>The Miracle Blade III 11-Piece Knife Set is the ideal collection for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. This complete set contains high-quality kitchen tools that are strong, durable and built to last. This stainless steel knife set includes 10 knives designed for specific cooking purposes. It also comes with a multi-utility shear. All knives in this Miracle Blade knife set are of professional-grade quality. They are made of premiere stainless steel material and never need sharpening. The acute edges on these knives allow you to add a practiced touch to all types of delicious recipes. Each knife is designed to suit various cooking styles and allows you to experiment while preparing food for your family and friends. Along with being extremely efficient, these Miracle Blade knives feature contoured handles that are easy to grip and provide the user with comfort without compromising on safety.</p>

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The patented control ball on the handles sits comfortably while minimizing the strain from slicing and dicing. The additional features and enhanced benefits make this Miracle Blade III 11-Piece Knife Set an essential collection for most any chef.<strong><br>Miracle Blade III 11-Piece Knife Set:</strong><ul><li>11-piece professional set</li><li>10 knives plus shears</li><li>Revolutionary contoured handles for optimal comfort and safety</li><li>Patented control ball centers knife perfectly in the hand</li><li>3-in-1 edge delivers easy gliding and efficient use of entire blade</li><li>Miracle Blade knife set includes manufacturer’s lifetime replacement guarantee</li><li>Each knife in the set is designed for specific cooking purposes</li><li>Extremely efficient and comfortable to use</li><li>Easy to grip handle reduces strain while slicing and dicing</li><li>An ideal assortment of knives that any type of cook can appreciate owning</li><li>Experiment in the kitchen with this versatile set of tools</li></ul>


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