Gerber Machete Jr


<p>Designed to be as tough as the Gator Machete, the Gerber 31-000759 Gator Machete Junior Knife features a high-carbon steel blade to offer optimum cutting performance. This high-carbon steel knife has a two-sided blade. One side has a fine edge for slashing brush and vines, while the other side is a rough-cut saw edge that is ideal for chopping branches, limbs and small trees. It has a Gator tactile rubber grip for ergonomic control. It also comes with a riveted nylon sheath that provides safe and convenient transport. This Gerber Machete junior is compact and easily fits in a backpack. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.</p>


<strong>Gerber 31-000759 Gator Machete Junior Knife:</strong><ul class="noindent"><li>Overall length: 18.75"</li><li>Blade length: 10.75"</li><li>Weight: 14.3 oz</li><li>High carbon steel head</li><li>Gator tactile rubber grip</li><li>Fine edge blade on 1 side and saw on the other</li><li>Nylon sheath included for safe transport</li></ul>


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