Gerber EAB Exchange-A-Blade Fine Edge Pocket Knife


The idea behind the Gerber EAB pocket knife is to provide a safe, pocket-friendly solution for people who use a box cutter blade on a regular basis. This knife, with its tidy size of less than 3 inches folded, tucks sleekly away into a pocket or hangs sturdily from a belt to be easily accessed by its owner at a moment’s notice. This Gerber pocket knife is an Exchange-A-Blade knife that is easy to operate and can provide you with many options. It locks in place for when you would like to put it in your pocket until the next time that you use it.


<br><b>Gerber EAB Exchange-A-Blade Fine Edge Pocket Knife:</b><ul><li>Accepts standard or contractor grade utility blade</li><li>Liner lock safety</li><li>Nail nick for easy opening</li><li>Pocket clip doubles as money clip</li><li>Overall length: 5.1"</li><li>Blade length: 1.5"</li><li>Closed length: 2.8"</li><li>Weight: 2.4 oz</li><li>Blade style: contractor grade utility blade</li><li>Blade material: high carbon k5</li><li>Blade type: fine</li><li>Handle material: stainless steel</li><li>Fine edge knife that is easy to use</li><li>Safety lock will keep it safely tucked away inside your pocket</li></ul>


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