Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen 31-001062


Inspired by the classic military canteen and nesting cup, Bear Grylls and Gerber have updated the design of the Canteen Bottle with a BPA-free water bottle, snug nylon sheath and leak-proof lock top. The two-handled aluminum cooking cup included with this survival water bottle is suitable for boiling water and is made with food-grade aluminum. The outside of the canteen bottle is textured to avoid spills or drops, even when you’re wearing gloves or exposed to extreme conditions. The Gerber Survival/Bear Grylls Canteen Water Bottle also includes a Priorities of Survival guide, detailing what you need to do to survive when you’re lost, as well as what you need to do in hazardous conditions.


<b>Gerber Survival / Bear Grylls Canteen Water Bottle with Cooking Cup:</b><br><ul><li>BPA-free water bottle</li><li>Snug nylon sheath</li><li>Textured exterior for easier grip with gloves or in extreme conditions</li><li>Leak-proof lock top</li><li>Food grade two handle aluminum cup suitable for boiling water</li><li>Includes Priorities of Survival guide that details what to do in extreme conditions to survive</li></ul>


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