G5 Montec Crossbow Broadhead 100gr, 3pk


With the G5 Montec Broadhead, top quality is combined with durability for extended reliability. It has solid one piece head to thread construction with a cut-on contact tip and 100 percent steel toughness with spin-tested accuracy. This device has no components to assemble or replace – simply screw on and shoot. It can be re-sharpened and is re-usable. The100 grain broadhead three-pack has a beefy 60 degree angle tapered blade with a cutting diameter of 100.


<b>G5 Montec Crossbow Broadhead 100gr, 3 Pack:</b><ul><li>The Montec broadhead’s foolproof design combines tough one-piece, all-steel construction with 100 percent spin-tested accuracy</li><li>With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw on and shoot</li><li>This simple to use, high-performance crossbow broadhead is what every hard-core hunter is looking for</li><li>Your outdoor sporting solution</li><li>Top quality combined with durability for extended reliability</li></ul>


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