Dead Down Wind Bow Wax and Rain Lube, 3-Pack


Dead Down Wind’s Rail Lube and Bow Wax is the only wax that does it all: waterproofs, lubricates and protects. It can be used on rails, bows, crossbows, firearms and arrows. It provides premium protection, reduced friction and extends your string life.


<br><b>Dead Down Wind Bow Wax and Rain Lube, 3-Pack:</b><ul><li>Waterproofs, lubricates and protects strings and rails</li><li>Prevents fraying of the bowsting and cables</li><li>Microfilm protection for crossbow rails</li><li>Can be applied directly to rail, wipe down with a soft cloth</li><li>Formulated to penetrate and protect the bowstring</li><li>Waterproofs while providing UV protection</li><li>Contains anti-corrosion and is totally odorless</li><li>Helps improve the consistency of arrow flight and speed</li><li>Aids in arrow removal from targets</li><li>Convenient 3-pack tube</li><li>Pocket size perfect for use in the field</li></ul>


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