CRKT Mah-chete 3100 Survival Machete 12″ Fixed Blade Plain Edge w/Sheath


A blade that’s curved up to make brush go down hard. Liong Mah was looking for a survival machete he could use in a variety of situations. So he designed one with a distinctive upswept overall shape. A walnut handle with lanyard holes allows for a forward carry that’s secure — unlike the grass it’ll encounter. With designer Liong Mah designs, form follows function and for this knife’s namesake from Palm Bay, Florida, the Mah-chete is no exception. The Mah-chete is a survival machete that fits in your backpack and is ready to tackle even the biggest reeds and grass and every feature of this tool is focused on helping you conserve energy, for when you need it most. Lanyard holes in the comfortable walnut handle allow for a secure forward carry, while the upswept overall shape maximizes cutting performance and the hand ground carbon steel blade with hammer-forged finish is crafted to stay sharp.


<br><b>Columbia River Knife and Tool Mah Mah-chete Fixed Blade Knife, Black, with Nylon Sheath:</b><ul><li>Blade length: 12"</li><li>Blade thickness: 0.18"</li></ul>


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