Coleman Adult Poncho Blue


<p>Staying dry and comfortable on any outdoor adventure is easy with the Coleman Adult Poncho, Blue. It is designed to protect you from getting wet with its superior, waterproof design. Made from pure EVA (free from PVC), this adult rain poncho is large enough to fit people of all different sizes. It is crafted with a snap side closure, making it easy to wear and take off in seconds no matter what the situation. It also features a hood with a drawstring that can be adjusted to fit your head properly. The poncho is very compact to ensure it is easy to store and carry thanks to the reusable storage bag that is included. A great choice for keeping in your car, your home or with your camping gear, the adult rain poncho will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather brings. It is extremely durable to ensure it holds up use after use. The poncho also features a simple style so you don’t have to compromise fashion for dryness.</p>

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<strong>Coleman Eva Adult Poncho:</strong><ul><li>Made of 100% EVA (PVC Free)</li><li>The adult rain poncho is waterproof</li><li>Lightweight</li><li>Compact</li><li>Drawstring adjustable hood</li><li>Comes in reusable storage bag</li><li>Snap side closure</li></ul>


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