COGHLANS LTD Survival Kit In A Can


<p>The Coghlan’s Survival Kit in a Can contains 38 essential items that can be useful during emergency survival situations. From a fire starter and compass, to energy candy and a soup packet, you’ll have much of what you need to survive until help arrives. This mini survival kit has waterproof matches and also includes a first aid pamphlet. The kit is compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry it in your backpack or pocket when hiking or camping.</p>


<strong>Coghlan’s Survival Kit in a Can:</strong> <ul class="noindent"><li>38 essential items</li><li>Compass</li><li>Fire starter</li><li>9.8′ multi-use cord</li><li>3′ wire</li><li>Four waterproof matches</li><li>101′ fish line</li><li>Soup packet</li><li>Tea bag</li><li>Sugar packet</li><li>Match book</li><li>Two antiseptic swabs</li><li>Razor blade</li><li>Three twist ties</li><li>12" duct tape</li><li>Signal mirror</li><li>Zip-lock bag</li><li>Two bandages</li><li>Two nails</li><li>Two safety pins</li><li>Two fish hooks</li><li>Signal whistle</li><li>Chewing gum</li><li>Sewing needle</li><li>Energy candy</li><li>Note paper</li><li>Pencil</li><li>Survival/first aid pamphlet</li></ul>


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