Coghlan’S Ltd.-3 Each: Coghlan’S Lensatic Compass (8164) Multi-Colored


<p>Pinpoint your location with precision with the Coghlans Lensatic Compass. This classic navigation tool is ideal for trekking and mountaineering. At just 8” x 4.5” x 1.25”, the Coghlans compass has a compact size that fits easily in any pocket or backpack. The tool is also ideal for helping you find your way through unfamiliar surroundings, from city streets to back country trails. This simple, easy-read, palm-sized device is incredibly simple to use. The compass is outfitted with a jeweled pivot and luminous letters. The luminous letters increase readability in low-light environment settings. The liquid-filled compass reads quickly and reliably, making it an indispensable traveler’s essential for correctly determining true north and orienting your position. It comes with a plastic case that is durable and protects the instrument from getting damaged. Instructions detailing how to use the compass are enclosed.</p>


<br><b>Coghlans Lensatic Compass:</b><ul><li>Liquid filled for fast readability</li><li>Coghlans compass comes in sturdy plastic case</li><li>Jeweled pivot and luminous letters</li><li>Luminous letters increase readability in low-light environment settings</li><li>Instructions enclosed</li><li>Easy to use anywhere</li><li>Ideal for almost any excursion</li><li>Lightweight and compact</li><li>Fits inside any pocket or backpack for easy carrying</li><li>Dimensions: 8”x 4.5” x 1.25”</li><li>Overall height, top to bottom: 8"</li><li>Overall width, side to side: 4.5"</li><li>Overall depth, front to back: 1.25"</li><li>Overall product weight: 0.16 lbs</li></ul>


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