Camo Unlimited Hunting Accessories


<p>Camo Unlimited Basic Military 9′ 10" x 19′ 8" Camouflage Netting can provide you with additional concealment. The enhanced strength of this strategic mesh can be attributed to its tough construction combined with alloy rings coated with plastic. The rustle-free camouflage, woodland, green and brown hunting netting lasts longer. This is because it is 100-percent waterproof, rot- and mold-proof and UV-treated. This non-glare camouflage net is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, as well. Take this hunting blind with you on your next outdoor excursion and feel confidently covered in the wilderness. You can also use this netting to protect yourself, your tent and your belongings from bugs and wildlife when you’re surrounded by nature.</p>


<strong>Camo Unlimited Basic Military Camouflage Netting:</strong><ul><li>Woodland, green and brown hunting netting</li><li>Tough mesh netting</li><li>Plastic coated alloy rings</li><li>UV, rot and mold proof and 100% waterproof treatments</li><li>Rustle-free</li><li>Non-glare</li><li>100% non-toxic</li></ul>


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