Barnett Tomcat Green Compound Bow


The Barnett Tomcat Green Compound Bow is an ideal model for a beginning archer. It features durable construction and has a three-pin fiber-optic "Brightglo" sight. Soft-touch finger rollers provide added comfort during use. This Barnett Tomcat bow allows for adjustments in let-off, draw length and draw weight. It includes two target arrows and a quiver.


<strong><br>Barnett Tomcat Green Compound Bow:</strong><br><ul><li>Features durable compound limbs and riser</li><li>Ideal for a beginning archer</li><li>Adjustable 60 to 70% let-off</li><li>Adjustable 20" to 22" draw length</li><li>Adjustable draw weight from 17 to 22 lbs</li><li>Has a 3-pin fiber-optic "Brightglo" sight</li><li>Outfitted with soft-touch finger rollers</li><li>Package serves as carrying case</li><li>Includes archery bow, 2 target arrows and quiver</li></ul>


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