Barnett Rope Cocking Device


<p>The Barnett Rope Cocking Device will help you cock the rope of your crossbows efficiently by reducing the cocking strain to half. The Barnett rope cocking device facilitates appropriate targeting by providing ideal handling to the user. A vice-like grip of the cocking rope is necessary for good results. The Barnett rope cocking device will offer you just the right hold, sufficient for lowering the tension of cocking rope crossbows. This tool adjusts the rope to fit the hand and bow, fits all Barnett models and is compatible with new, as well as, old models of crossbows.</p>


<strong>Barnett Rope Cocking Device:</strong><ul class="noindent"><li>Decreases cocking tension</li><li>Rope adjusts to fit the bow and user</li><li>Fits all Barnett models</li></ul>


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